Mobile Roller Disco


Skating at your school is entertaining, engaging and great exercise for kids and teenagers. With SK8hire you can turn your sports hall into a roller disco that puts the fun back into fitness.

Our CRB checked staff are on hand to make sure everyone has a great time and that the event runs smoothly.

Ideal for PE, end of term parties, proms, fundraising and after school events, SK8hire can give you the ideal activity for your students in a safe, secure environment.

Why skate?

Roller skating is great exercise, inclusive and most of all - fantastic fun! For kids (and teachers!) of all ages, skating is perfect for getting kids up and moving to the latest songs, enjoying each other's company and having a blast.

When you work with SK8hire, we provide everything you need to ensure it's a great day. From paperwork and planning to skates and DJs, SK8hire's CRB checked staff will make sure everything is set up and ready, and will be on hand during the day to keep everything running smoothly.


Helmets and wrist protectors are provided for all skaters, but SK8hire's comprehensive service goes much further than that.

At SK8hire we know how complex it can be to organise school events, which is why we take every measure to make the process simple for your school.

Keeping the event in-house means that you don't need to worry about the expense or additional paperwork that comes with transporting pupils to a different location, and SK8house's CRB checked staff will be there on the day to make sure all safety measures are met.

We have Public Liability Insurance of up to £5 million and even provide downloadable Risk Assessment and Parental Consent forms to make organising the event easier and simpler for you.

On the day

Whether you want a roller disco for an after school event, a small selection of students, or for the entire school to get a chance to skate, SK8hire make the day straightforward and simple.

We arrive at your school with our flight display cases full of a large selection of skates, helmets and wrist protectors. When the kids come in, we exchange shoes for skates, get everyone to sit down and put them on and explain the safety rules.

Once that's all out of the way - it's skating time!

At the end of the session, the kids simply hand back their skates, and thanks to our flight case units, it's a simple swap to get back the correct shoes. Then we're ready for the next group or we quickly pack up the equipment and are ready to go.

Who we are


Sk8hire  was established in 2007 in the Midlands, offering the complete roller skating package from skating lessons and training to roller discos. We are made up of committed staff who are all keen to make a difference to young people’s lives by encouraging them to be active, learn a new skill, stay healthy and participate in a family based activity.

What we do


We provide roller skating lessons for everyone, aged 4 upwards. We have run a number of successful school holiday projects, youth and community engagement projects and family events.

Why we do it


We are committed to providing roller skating as a positive and healthy recreational activity for, but not exclusively to, young people. We aim to improve their health and fitness, educational and recreational attainment and in doing so provide a safe and nurturing environment where they can learn valuable skills, improve their dexterity and have fun while doing so!

Our Programs


All our programs are for children and adults of all ages and abilities, and are available to organisations, schools, and individuals. Our programs are provided in a safe environment where all involved learn valuable skills:

These include:

  • Improving balance and coordination strengthening endurance

  • Learning self-discipline both on and off the skate rink
  • Improving life skills, mentoring, discipline and motivation

Sk8house promotional video from Sk8house on Vimeo.