SK8hire work across the UK and beyond, supplying skates and equipment for special events, Corporate events ,private hire, parties and promotions. ACIDMAN

As a company we have been firmly established within our specialist area of the leisure industry for over 20 years .During this time we have built up a nationwide client register and a first class reputation within our industry .There is no element of our business practice that is reliant on any form of sub-contraction as all aspects are carried out by our own specialist teams .


With over 20 years of experience in the field, SK8hire's experienced, professional team provide an impressive level of service from the moment you start planning your event, including support and supervision on the day.

We firmly believe in the importance of protecting skaters and organizers, and work hard to ensure that your event is managed safely and efficiently. Our team are fully DBS checked, we have Public Liability Insurance of up to £10 million and we supply Risk Assessment forms and even Parental Consent forms for you to download and use. This helps our customers protect themselves and their organizations, whilst keeping paperwork to a minimum.

Our professional experience has enabled us to develop a fast, simple and secure method of storing, displaying and transporting our skates and other equipment. SK8hire's flight case display units drastically cut down the time spent swapping shoes and skates - meaning more time on the rink. They also enable us to take our equipment abroad for special events, without incurring large additional costs.

SK8hire are VAT Registered for Import/Export, and are available for hire anywhere in the world. We've hosted events in Budapest , Abu Dhabi, Barcelona and can bring our expertise to your event no matter where it is.

At SK8hire we're happy to provide equipment and entertainment no matter the size of your party or event. We host regular skating events across the UK and have worked alongside large brands and companies for PR events, festivals and corporate promotions.

Fundraising Opportunities

Roller skating is an exciting, engaging and inclusive way for people to get fit and have fun, and there are a range of organizations who are interested in funding skating parties and events.

At SK8hire we have many contacts in businesses and organizations who are looking for new and innovative ways to promote their company positively by encouraging exercise and entertainment through roller skating.

If you are interested in the funding opportunities available for your event, get in touch with SK8hire today to discuss your options.